2013 Mega-Monster Enduro: Results

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Dixie and Jack

Thanks to all of the volunteers who contributed to a successful 2013 MegaMonsterEnduro: Bill Bushnell, Dan Connelly, Cara Coburn, Christine Holmes, Edward Lyen, Cathy, Lane Parker, Dixie, Jack, coordinator Kevin Winterfield, and all of the Bitterwater 4Hers!

It was a crisp if cold morning for the 2013 MegaMonster. As is typical for the desert, however, the freezing chill of the early morning was quickly dissipated by the sun, and temperatures were cool but comfortable by the end of the day.

And it was an excellent turn-out this year, a record for the Enduro. Both teams and solo riders turned out in large number. On the solo side, Nils Takkenen was back after being part of the record-breaking Honey Badgers team last year to go even faster as a soloist for 2013, 4:30:13. But while it was a solo cross-record, it wasn't an overall record as the team of Johannes Steffens and Brian Baccus absolutely demolished the 102-mile course in 4:14:55, a speed in excess of 24 mph.

Rounding out the podium in the men's solo division was Pat Rehorn finishing 4 seconds faster than Ciaran Byrne. Joe Sullivan was a solid fourth.

The top solo woman was Yvonne Walbroehl who completed the 102-mile route in 6:21:17. Andrea Ivan and Alison Chaiken, each doing the 64 mile "100 km" distance, were 2nd and 3rd.

For hybrid electrics, it was a 3-man/machine race this year with Bill Bushnell the top finisher, completingt he long course in 4:22:40. Second was Edward Lyen whose bike combusted en route but was still finished the short course. Third was Will Wagoner.

Our tandem finisher this year was Sue Kayser and Craig Robertson. They did the 102-mile course in full course in a very zippy 5:19:16, a Low-Key tandem record.

In the team competition, Blue Train was absolutely incredible with their 24 mph ride. Clarks Inc was back to avenge last year's DNF due to puncture, and finished a solid second this year. Crush narrowly edged out the Hollister Turbo Donkeys for third. GPC Dream Team was the top mixed team while Team #1 was #1 among the women's teams. Special mention to Hollister Turbo Donkeys for the best team name.

Congratulations to our finishers this year!


  1. Lane Parker (Bitterwater)
  2. Cara Coburn (S/F)