2012 Mega-Monster Enduro: Results

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Forecasts of a 10% chance of rain, of less than 1 mm accumulation, proved to err on the dry side as riders dealt with intermittent rain throughout the day. But it was never truly cold, and winds were less of a factor than they are many years, so some good times were posted. Most notable were on the team side, as the Honey Badger team, initially 3-man but down to a bare-bones two of Nils Takkenen and Mark Edwards after Jim Langley's puncture, absolutely blitzed the course with a 4:37, an average speed of 22.1 mph. It's a truly incredible speed on the challenging, wind-swept terrain. Despite the amazing result, however, they were only second-fastest to the first checkpoint. "Clark Inc", the duo of Tim Clark and Clark Foy, had somehow been able to average even faster than that on the first, uphill segment. But their fire burned out when first-name-Clark punctured without a spare, and 2-man teams must finish both riders, so second-name-Clark was left to cruise the rest of the course solo.

Many thanks to all who came out and braved the damp conditions, and super thanks to the volunteers who made it all possible: event coordinator Kevin Winterfield, results coordinator Howard Kveck, course coordinator Bill Bushnell, and Bitterwater Coordinator Lane Parker were helped by S/F volunteer Russ Stevens to make the day come off so successfully. All riders checked in at each mandatory check-point, which is great.

Congratulations to our finishers this year!


  1. Bill Bushnell (from the support car)
  2. Kevin Winterfield (Facebook)
  3. Kevin Winterfield (more Facebook)